Thursday, 3 July 2014

A Total Sex Guide

For me, to have a total sex guide would just be fantastic, required reading - not just for me - but for everyone.

Imagine you had the knowledge and wisdom of all great and humble lovers over the centuries, and could use that to benefit the health, wellbeing and feelings of all the people with whom you choose to share sexual encounters.  You would be a rightly revered god!

Furthermore, imagine now if you can, that all your lovers had also read this book and practised it's teachings - would your life not be infinately richer if it had sex explored ina way we probably cant even imagine right noew? But could not imagine without once we became versed in it's study?  I honestly think the world would change.

Even for the people that you would never have direct contact with - think of all the police officers, doctors, receptionists and fast food workers that keep our lives ticking over.  Imagine if they were having the best sex on the planet - even if you never met them i believe that their positivity would impact the people around them to such a degree that they would then be nicer to you - and cos everyone (almost) has sex, what a transformed planet that would be!

So, when i found that there was a total sex guide i had to read it. I also looked at some other sites like and some Youtube vids like this one below:

It's a bit long at 269 minutes but worth it i think ;)  Let me know what you think.  I hope we all reach a level of consciousness where we can start to appreciate the joys of sex.

Seduce Hot Girls

It's one thing to be able to talk to women but it is antohter entirely when it is a girl that you really want to seduce.  The problem is a curious one - because the stakes are higher (you actually like her) so is the fear of rejection and failure.  This paradoxically leads toa situation where you are more self concious, more nervous and hesitant and less confident - all of which transpire to ruin your fledgling seduction!

Having a few things you can rely on to keep your mind focussed correctly is vital.  The less, the easier to remember, so i recommend one mindset to remind your self to live in if you find it hard to approach or converse with a girl you are trying to seduce.

Have fun - that is the mindset.  It eases the burden of responsibility and outcome and allows you to enjoy the process (as much as possible!)  Once you have this new found relaxation, hopefully your seduction will flow more smoothly.  If it doenst though, I always like to have a few fallback tactics to employ.  In the PUA community these are called routines, and you can google that to find one or two that work for you.

Personally, i always use the same few.  If there are two girls you've approached, ask how the know each other.  If it is one girl and you are comfortable with each other, then go for the 5 questions routine.  Try it, it ight help you to seduce hot girls.  If not then see what you think of this live seduction in progress, in the field, captured on video below or check out a resource such as